OSV Swiss AG

OSV Swiss AG / OSV Alpha Lab based in Zug, Switzerland, is an independent investment management, research and software development firm. The current primary focus of activities is the development of intelligence amplification driven investment strategies and software. The firm's philosophy rests on the belief that the future of the asset management business lies in the successful combination of the human intelligence with software driven technology, such as innovative algorithms and models that will augment the quality of the human decision maker.

Since 2012 we have committed our combined efforts entirely to developing intelligence amplification driven investment software and strategies. Our proprietary system is merging major fields of science, in particular Economics, Mathematics and Computer Science. Thus we are expanding the human intelligence with the calculus and the learning power of the machine to generate superior investment decisions.

Our team is experienced in advising large institutional investors, in particular pension funds, governmental institutions, banks and sophisticated investors. The senior management consists of professionals with over 25 years of experience in the financial markets and the development of investment software.